OAS 360 IT Service

Technology 4.0 is nowaday becoming spread faster than ever. It is considered as technological revolution in the operation and growth process of any enterprise. As a result of its positive development, technology is a key determining the integration capacity of organizations. Therefore, OAS 360 IT service was born for this reason.

OAS 360 IT service is a package service which provides solution of using hardware to develop software. Through IT service, OAS has approached and understood the general situation of most businesses. Thereby proposing an appropriate application development and guidance method.

IT Helpdesk 

IT Helpdesk provided by OAS allows building IT infrastructure promptly and synchronously. Not only installing, but OAS also ensures that users are supported and consult to deal with any troubles.

Software Application 

Modern technology offers a multitude of convenient applications. However, approaching and exploiting application potential requires expertise and technology. Therefore, OAS has brought training service, dedicated, and effective software usage guidance.

Software Development  

Software development services allow OAS to actively build and develop applications according to the requirements of corporate customers. Thereby applying the software into practice and solving challenges in company operations.

Process of OAS 360 IT Service

Getting Requests

In order to grasp the specific needs and expectations of clients, OAS will conduct direct communication to listen and work towards finding the right solution.

Investigating Infrastructure

Investigating the infrastructure to ensure the IT team is aware of the situation and building a set of solutions corresponding to that situation.

Deploying IT Infrastructure

After agreeing the solution, the IT team of OAS will professionally and quickly install and deploy.

Consulting & Solving Problems

During use, OAS will continuously support consulting and troubleshooting to ensure that users can safely use IT infrastructure for work.


The maintenance process is carried out periodically to minimize the risk of data loss or equipment damage, which no one wants when using the technology platform.

Process of Application & Software Development Service

Getting Requests

Using application or developing software requires a deep understanding of actual needs. Therefore, OAS pays great attention to listen to customers’ expectations before embarking on a project.

Analyzing Requests

The requirement analysis is particularly interested and strictly implemented based on the analysis steps of the dominant factors from the market, customer needs and the actual solution supply capacity.

Researching Solutions

Based on the analysis of customer requirements, OAS will find a suitable solution to both meet customer needs and go hand in hand with the practical capacity of the solution provider.

Consulting Solutions

The searched solutions will be synthesized and presented specifically to customers by OAS so that the chosen solution must be the one that truly makes customers happy.

Deploying Application or Developing Software

After reaching an agreement between two sides, OAS will proceed according to the implementation process and report on progress so that both sides can understand.

Training Software Manual

Not just handing over the system, OAS also supports software manuals so that individuals using the solution will have enough confidence and understanding of the software.