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Online shopping on e-commerce platforms is becoming increasingly common in Vietnam. In fact, according to Google’s estimates, about 3.2 million Vietnamese accesses to this type of purchasing every year. Therefore, approaching customer through a website as a store on cyberspace is an enterprise that should invest in development. However, building this store so attractively but still operating effectively on the network infrastructure is not easy. To handle with this problem, OAS website design service provides a synchronous solution to help online stores expand business advantages.

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OAS website design service

Following the “three-click rule”, users decide whether to continue monitoring your site after 3 mouse clicks. Coming to OAS Website Design Service, the website interface is not only eye-catching but also creative. Besides, the design also aims to synchronize the interface on all technology devices. To get to the point, OAS focuses on optimizing updates, site navigation and routine maintenance support.

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Creative website interface – Breakthrough ideas

Whether a website can keep visitors on for a long time or not can only briefly glance at the interface. Website design not only meets customer requirements, but the OAS designer team is constantly creating innovative ideas. The purpose is to reach the interface to achieve high visual effect for the viewer.

Easy to update – “Simple is best”

During page updates, users form comments within 0.5 seconds. By that time, they expected to find easily and quickly necessary information. Therefore, OAS aims to streamline the elements on the website but still serve the right purpose of conveying information to users. This is not only a friendly solution with technology devices but also towards the ability to optimize the user experience.

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Some you may concern:

Easy to navigate

Research shows that visitors stay longer on easy-to-navigate websites. For effective navigation, create logical hierarchies, use bread scrum, and consistently design navigation buttons as an OAS solution. In addition, OAS follows the “three-click-rule” so that visitors can receive information easily and quickly within three clicks.Website maintenance periodically

Testing website system will be periodically conducted by OAS team. Ensuring the website is always updated and handled issues of security errors, SEO errors, system errors, … quickly and promptly.

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OAS website design service will be the choice to satisfy brands and businesses in applying technology to develop business on cyberspace. Some of our outstanding projects are NT Group, Nguyen Tran ADS, NT Communication website, etc… In addition, OAS also supports businesses in developing content on the website through OAS Content Marketing service on the website.