OAS IT Helpdesk Service – An optimized solution for business

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Nowadays, technology plays an exceedingly important role in the operation and management of business. It’s business core value leading to how much investment must be considered. Therefore, OAS IT Helpdesk Service was born to synchronize IT infrastructure for business. Through that, businesses could take advantage of technology to speed up to success.

OAS IT Helpdesk Service

OAS IT Helpdesk Service is a solution belonging to OAS 360 IT package. For this solution, OAS supports business in consultancy, installation and technological application. It aims to support building and optimizing the power of modern technology in business operation. For detailed, let’s take a look on our service below:

Wholehearted consultant  – Shape the customer’s trust

To operate and manage effectively, it is necessary to develop facilities and IT infrastructure with high standards. Regarding to OAS IT Helpdesk Service, we will support businesses in the consultancy of purchasing hardware and software. Besides, we also assists in the design of equipment systems and network infrastructure. All of that would be adjusted to be suitable for business demands.

Some you may concern:

Enthusiasm in installation – Perfect in result

Based on the confirmed draft, OAS will install the equipment system and network infrastructure synchronously. Once the internal system is synchronized, the operation and management would be convenient and smooth.

Good Management – Good Quality

Streamlining technological architecture is an essential foundation for increasing the cloud computing model. It is an effective environment in order to optimize data storage and security. Consequently, synchronizing digital data in the professional procedure is necessary to ensure the integrity and security of data.

Every problem is dealt with OAS

When operating any system, every employee in general will have numerous difficulties in hardware and software. With the spirit of professional work, OAS IT team is always ready to support troubleshooting quickly and effectively.


Up to now, OAS has had 5 well-experienced years in providing IT Helpdesk Service. Many highlight projects of OAS is the construction of the whole IT system, network infrastructure for NTGroup building, at No 54-56 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7. Additionally, Nguyen Tran ADS Building at No 10, Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 17, Phu Nhuan District is also one of the successful projects of OAS.

OAS always provides the best solutions in training, consultancy of software and applications for companies’ staffs. Through various successful projects, the quality of service is more and more improve and has a tendency to follow synchronous solutions. As a result of this positive impact, OAS has a demand to give a hand to catch up with the increasing pace of life.