Digital signage operation – Golden solution for businesses

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The transformation from OOH to DOOH has forced many brands to have different views of applying technology in advertising. Proof is the growing popularity of Digital Signage solutions. However, in reality, the installation, operation and maintenance of these equipment will take a lot of time and make it difficult to manage. That is also the premise for OAS to bring one of the outstanding solutions for brands called OAS digital signage operation service.

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OAS digital signage operation service

OAS digital signage operation service offers customers the opportunity to experience a full package of installation, management and reports on the electronic advertising display system. As far as we can see, this solution has come in sync, but not everywhere. What OAS has learned from operating more than 700 electronic advertising screens (LCD) and a series of other LED advertising screens across the country today. In particular, these devices are constantly optimized technology based on the most modern hi-tech trends to meet the requirements of innovation in the new era.

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Centralized Technology

Centralized – The technology that centralizes data on the same platform is the most prominent feature of the OAS digital signage devices operation service. This feature allows content administrators to change content online. Especially the ability to synchronize online data on many devices at the same time. As a result, businesses will optimize content management and monitor the actual situation of advertising devices.

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Some you may concern

Face-detection technology

Besides centralized, OAS is exploiting one of the technologies that are “fascinated” by marketers called Face detection. OAS focuses on exploiting the feature of “looking like a bridge” of target customers installed on advertising devices. Since then, the personalized customer experience becomes more refined and perfect than ever.

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Livestream – Online advertising trends

Livestream is no stranger to everyone, especially social network users in recent years. Currently, OAS has applied this preeminent feature on smart advertising devices. With the success is the livestream project of Miss Universe 2017 on the LCD screen at Saigon Center and Vincom Dong Khoi. This project has resonated and created a ripple effect on a large number of visitors.

Through digital signage operation service, OAS hopes not only to bring the best service experience but also bridge the constantly changing world of technology. Thereby creating synchronization with OAS consulting and supplying devices service.