Content Marketing Solution

The impacts of the age of digital information have changed completely customer experience nowadays. Hence, creativity in content plays an important role in attracting attention and retaining customers through cyberspace. OAS Content Marketing service was born and brought innovative communication solutions to corporate customers.

OAS Content Marketing Service provides the varieties of solutions to create content on social media, websites, and professional graphic design services (Graphic Design). These innovative solutions provided by OAS allow customers to build digital images, moreover, to boost sales, increase brand engagement with consumers through "nurturing" marketing campaigns.

Social Media Content 

Social Media Content is a content creation service on the system of popular social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, … With this service, OAS builds channels, nurtures and develops until the channel comes into play, converting into actual orders.

Website Content 

Website Content is a website content creation service from OAS. Based on the requirements of customers, OAS will conceptualize, design a suitable new interface, and develop standard SEO content on the website to increase the reach of the website to users.

Graphic Design 2D/3D 

Regarding Graphic Design service (2D / 3D), many talented OAS -ers will convey advertising messages through the different varieties of creative images. For each requirement, OAS will design the corresponding image to ensure brand recognition and attract viewers.

Content Marketing Solution
Content Marketing Solution
Content Marketing Solution
Content Marketing Solution
Content Marketing Solution
Content Marketing Solution
Content Marketing Solution

Getting Requests

The process of getting requests is quickly conducted, which is based on direct communication with clients to catch their intention and expectation.

Analyzing Requests

So as to seek for suitable solutions adapting with clients’ expectation, OAS needs to conduct specific and detailed analysis, which practically depends on the market, objectives and target audiences they aim to.

Consulting Solutions

Basing on clients’ requirements, OAS will seek for suitable solutions and consult carefully before deploying in reality.

Deploying & Presenting Demo

In order to help clients have a close look at final productions, OAS will continuously ensure to deploy and update demo products till the most completed one is done.

Finalizing Products

The final product is completed in an effort to address the needs and expectations of the customer using the content marketing service from OAS.

Optimizing Content

In order for making the content to be more friendly and accessible to the target audience, OAS will optimize the content corresponding to the platforms it uses.

Managing System

In order not to let customers have to waste effort in managing complex digital systems, OAS will support the management with optimal cost while ensuring efficiency.