Consulting & Supplying Devices

Advertising is considered as a challenging game with the requirements of creative, adaptable, and continuous improvement. Hence, it is not easy to apply the latest technologies to advertising. Especially, regarding companies having demands to invest in display advertising technology, researching suitable premises and technologies requires more time and more effort.

OAS Advertising Consulting and device supplying service is one of the most professional options in this scope. OAS will take a survey about premises, technologies, and supply advertising equipment, which are suitable for many requirements of customers. Besides that, OAS provides a lot of other solutions such as logo projectors, the machine combined between washing hands and advertising screen. Based on the demands of customers, OAS team will give you synchronous and suitable solutions.

Premises Consulting 

Based on demands of customers, OAS will carry out a survey and consult suitable places. Therefore, the customer will choose capable locations with the aims of advertising.

Technology Consulting 

Difficult premises have variety of potentials to exploit. OAS staffs will consult appropriate technological options for invested premises.

Device Supplying 

Based on the requirements of customer, OAS will supply advertising devices. Depending on actual demands and expectation, OAS will support suitable devices such as LCD, LED,…

Getting Requests

In order to catch clients’ true requests and expectation, OAS will proactively setup direct or indirect meetings to exchange information.

Surveying Premises

After catching clients’ requests, OAS will conduct survey and research of premises to capture ground’s outstanding features. Thanks to that, we could choose suitable technology and devices as well.

Researching Technology & Suppliers

Based on the characteristics and advantages that can be exploited from the site, OAS will actively research technology and reputable suppliers to provide quality and effective technology solutions.

Consulting Solutions

After performing necessary research and survey steps, OAS will synthesize a set of specific solutions and present them to clients to ensure that clients understand and are satisfied when choosing.

Supplying Devices

From the agreement between two parties, OAS will purchase and supply the equipment in accordance with the original set of solutions.

Consulting & Supplying Devices
Consulting & Supplying Devices
Consulting & Supplying Devices
Consulting & Supplying Devices
Consulting & Supplying Devices