When choosing an electronic advertising screen as the best choice, brands had to face difficulties in both installing, operating processes, and content management. Therefore, the most feasible key for advertising investors to handle all of obstacles is outsourcing solutions.

OAS has gained extensive experience when having been operating about 700 electronic advertising screens (LCD) and numerous modern LED screens. As a result, OAS installing and operating advertising screen service is one of the most professional options in this scope. OAS provides the package service which is the process of construction, operation, and maintenance. It allows customers to satisfy their choice without other supporters.


OAS installing service for electronic advertising screen will be speedily carry out by well- experienced team through proactive access to corresponding equipment, technology, premises and installation methods.


The main aim of managing devices and content is the assurance that the content on electronic advertising screen will be updated continuously and operated steadily. Besides, OAS team will ensure the regularity of following machine activity and the promptitude of trouble-shooting.


Reporting is an essential step in OAS operating procedure in order that customers regularly capture the actual situations of broadcasting content on devices.

Getting requests

To make sure exactly capturing clients’ expectation on OAS service of consulting and supplying devices, OAS will conduct to setup direct or indirect meeting to exchange information.



The installation process is conducted as soon as both parties get the commitment.


Preparing broadcasting content

As clients send broadcasting content, OAS will collect data requests, prepare broadcasting schedule and adjust content on different types of screen.


Broadcasting content

After collecting broadcasting requests, OAS will conduct to “push” content to devices through “one-mouse-click”.



To ensure clients exactly capture broadcasting content on devices, OAS will make detailed report as soon as possible.



Maintenance must be an indispensable step during the time of operating devices. Hence, OAS will handle this step to ensure to effectively exploit equipment.